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Yujin enables Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing
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Yujin embeds Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing into your applications and is our award winning, neural network backed platform, that creates an unforgettable experience for users and creates new ways for organisations to interact with their audience.

Supporting vertical domain knowledge from mapping and points of interest, through to weather, transport, and general small talk, Yujin can engage with broad audiences, customers, staff, and suppliers.

Voice Recognition

With native Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text capability Yujin is UTF-8 and multilingual out of the box.

Conversation & Context

The Yujin platform embeds neural network modelled topics and taxonomies to enable the learning of user intent.

Engaging Audiences

Through Machine Learning, speech recognition, vision analysis, and Natural Language Processing, Yujin can improve user experience, offer cost savings in customer services, and open new opportunities for your organisation.

Fully Integrated

Yujin includes an intelligent data layer for enriching user experience with datasets from our Domain library, your systems, and third parties.

Cross Platform

Enabling any connected device, Yujin can be integrated into iOS, Android, kiosks, web, or embedded systems.

Diverse Features

Yujin supports GIS mapping, Conversational Commerce, payments systems, data analytics, behavioural modelling, and more.


Itineraries, hotel bookings, restaurant reservations, tourist information, recommendations, maps, navigation, and user preference profiling.


Deep learning, intelligent automation and cognitive analytics are aspects of the platform that can help deliver public policy with efficiency.


Conversational Commerce can grow your sales funnel and influence conversions by optimisation of transactions and interactions.


Yujin can be deployed across online advertising, automotive, agriculture, consumer finance, data storage, education, investment, healthcare, law, manufacturing, media, oil and gas, and retail.