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Azure. Invent with purpose. Sakura offers a complete services across Azure.
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Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud computing services to help your organization meet its business challenges. Azure gives you the freedom to build, manage, and deploy applications on a massive, global network using your preferred tools and frameworks.

Sakura offers professional and managed services across the suite of Azure offerings.

AI + Machine Learning

Sakura and Azure can help you create the next generation of applications using artificial intelligence capabilities for any developer and any scenario.

Cognitive Services
A comprehensive family of AI services and cognitive APIs to help you build intelligent apps

Azure Machine Learning
Enterprise-grade machine learning service to build and deploy models faster

Azure Databricks
Fast, easy, and collaborative Apache SparkTM–based analytics service


Gather, store, process, analyze, and visualize data of any variety, volume, or velocity using Azure.

Azure Data Lake Storage
Massively scalable, secure data lake functionality built on Azure Blob Storage

Data Factory
Hybrid data integration service that simplifies ETL at scale

Azure Analysis Services
Proven analytics engine

Azure Stream Analytics
Serverless real-time analytics, from the cloud to the edge


We can enable and support rapid growth and innovate faster with secure, enterprise-grade, and fully managed database services.

Azure Cosmos DB
Globally distributed, multi-model database service for any scale

Azure Database Migration Service
Accelerate your transition to the cloud

Table Storage
A NoSQL key-value store for rapid development using massive semi-structured datasets

Azure SQL Database
Managed, intelligent SQL in the cloud


Deliver high-quality video content anywhere, any time, and on any device

Azure Media Services
Cloud-based media workflow platform to index, package, protect, and stream video at scale

Content Protection
Deliver highly-secure content using multi-DRM (PlayReady, Widevine, FairPlay Streaming) or AES clear key encryption

Studio-grade encoding at cloud scale

Live and on-demand streaming
Deliver content to virtually any device at scale

Video Indexer
Automatically extract advanced metadata from video and audio content


Get secure, massively scalable cloud storage for your data, apps, and workloads

Azure Data Lake Storage
Massively scalable, secure data lake functionality built on Azure Blob Storage

Azure Data Explorer
Fast and highly scalable data analytics service

Azure Archive Storage
Industry leading price point for storing rarely accessed data

Blob Storage
Massively scalable object storage for unstructured data