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We are trained & certified Google Cloud Platform partners offering full services across the entire GCP suite.
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As a Google Cloud Platform partner, Sakura Sky enables developers to build, test and deploy applications on Google’s highly-scalable and reliable infrastructure. We can deliver and manage your web, mobile, backend solutions, and other workloads via Google Cloud Platform computing, storage and application services.

The Sakura team has deep experience across Google’s Platform as a Service, virtual machines, Big data solutions, SQL and NoSQL databases, Object storage, and GCP’s leading Application services.


From global, load-balanced, resilient services to flexible single-instance VMs, Google Cloud provides a scalable range of computing options you can tailor to match your needs. Google Compute Engine provides highly customizable virtual machines with best-of-breed features, friendly pay-for-what-you-use pricing, and the option to deploy your code directly or via containers. Google Container Engine lets you use fully-managed Kubernetes clusters to deploy, manage and orchestrate containers at scale. Google App Engine is a flexible platform-as-a-service that lets you focus on your code, freeing you from the operational details of deployment and infrastructure management.

Storage And Databases

Whatever your storage needs, Google Cloud Platform has you covered. GCP offers object storage in three flavors for different needs and price points as well as managed MySQL and globally-scalable NoSQL databases. Google Cloud Platform archival storage provides industry-leading pricing with the performance of disc.

Different applications and workloads require different storage and database solutions. Contact us to learn about solutions that fit your scenarios, whether they are mobile applications, hosting commercial software, data pipelines, or storing backups.


Google’s high quality private network connects their regional locations to more than 70 global network points of presence close to your users. Google Cloud Platform also uses state-of-the-art software-defined networking and distributed systems technologies to host and deliver your services around the world. When every millisecond of latency counts, Google ensures that your content is delivered with the lowest latency.

Big Data

Google Cloud Platform offers a proven, integrated end to end Big Data solution, based on years of innovation at Google, that lets you capture, process, store and analyze your data within a single platform. With Google Cloud Platform you can focus on finding insights rather than managing your infrastructure and you can combine cloud-native services with open source tools as needed, both in batch and stream mode.

From fully managed data warehousing, batch and stream processing, data exploration, Hadoop/Spark, and reliable messaging; our certified team works with BigQuery, Cloud Dataflow, and Cloud Dataproc across massive data sets.

Machine Learning

Google Cloud Machine Learning provides modern machine learning services, with pre-trained models and a service to generate your own tailored models. Google Cloud Platform’s neural net-based ML service has better training performance and increased accuracy compared to other large scale deep learning systems. GCP services  are fast, scalable and easy to use.

Major Google applications use Cloud Machine Learning, including Photos (image search), the Google app (voice search), Translate, and Inbox (Smart Reply). Our platform is now available as a cloud service to bring unmatched scale and speed to your business applications.

With our own products deeply embedding ML, we are well placed to provide services for Cloud Machine Learning, Vision API, and Speech API.

Management Tools

Stackdriver delivers real time monitoring and logging across GCP and AWS, plus useful diagnostic tools. Manage your apps on GCP with our web-based console, mobile app, or Cloud Shell — instant command line access through your browser.

You can access all Google APIs, including GCP’s Billing API, through these interfaces. Use Deployment Manager templates to simplify your life. Use Cloud Endpoints to manage your APIs.

Get started now with Google’s cloud-native management tools or Sakura can configure and monitor Stackdriver, Monitoring, and Logging for you.

Developer Tools

Google Cloud Platform provides a collection of tools and libraries that help you develop quicker. GCP are developers too and love tools that make teams more productive, so Google are happy to offer these for use on GCP. Whether you’re looking to manage your resources from the command line, need better ways to debug source code in production, need a solution for running API backends or just want intuitive integration into your favorite IDE, Google are constantly working on tooling to make your life easier.

Sakura’s DevOps team can help you master the GCP Cloud SDK, Deployment Manager and even host your source code in Cloud Source Repositories.

Identity & Security

Control access and visibility to resources running on a platform protected by Google’s security model.

Google Cloud Identity & Access Management (IAM) lets administrators authorize who can take action on specific resources, giving you full control and visibility to manage cloud resources centrally. For established enterprises with complex organizational structures, hundreds of workgroups and potentially many more projects, Cloud IAM provides a unified view into security policy across your entire organization, with built-in auditing to ease compliance processes.

Our team can configure and manage Cloud IAM, Cloud Resource Manager, Cloud Data Loss Prevention API, and the entire GCP suite of tools to enhance your existing security model.