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DataOps, Data Engineering, AI & Machine Learning

Through our certified expertise and platform partnerships, Sakura offers expertise in analytics and tools, data warehousing, predictive analytics, segmentation modeling, artificial intelligence, analytics project management and implementation. We specialize in platforms such as Cassandra, DataStax, Spark, Hadoop, TensorFlow, and Cloud APIs.

We define, design, and deliver data science microservices, Machine Learning products, and systems. Selecting the right platform to suit your use case is difficult, we are here to help cut through the marketing spin and identify the solutions that will work for you, our advisory team are here when you need the right implementation with the right skills to ensure success.

Data Operations (DataOps)

Data Operations (DataOps)

The Sakura Data Operations (DataOps) team delivers a complete approach to designing, implementing and maintaining distributed data architectures that support a wide range of tools, frameworks, and cloud providers. Our DataOps teams increase the velocity, reliability, and quality of your data analysis and enhances communication, collaboration, integration, automation, measurement and cooperation between data scientists, analysts, engineers, DevOps, and testing/QA.

  • Data Engineering
  • Data Integration
  • Data Security & Privacy
  • Data Quality

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Data Engineering

With our certified expertise & partnerships in Big Data and Machine Learning, Sakura offers a dedicated Data Practice across all offices.

Sakura Sky enables your project success through a broad range of data, analytics, and machine learning services that enable you to discover, combine, manage, and action your organisational and third party data.

  • Big Data Analytics & Tools
  • Data Warehouses & Databases
  • Machine Learning
  • Research & Analytics
  • Data Manipulation & Feature Engineering
  • Project Management & Implementation

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Data Engineering
Machine Learning & Data Science

Machine Learning & Data Science

We are Data Scientists, Data Architects, & Software Engineers. Our team have the skills & expertise to solve your biggest data problems at scale.

We define, design, and deliver data science microservices, machine learning products, and systems.

  • Statistical Methods
  • Machine Learning
  • AI Development Expertise
  • Intelligent Learning Algorithms
  • Custom Optimization Algorithms
  • Predictive Models & Classifiers

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Our Data team consists of Data Engineers and Data Scientists with expertise across Python, Tensor Flow, Pytorch, R, and more.

Big Data Analytics & Tools

Data Warehouses & Databases

Machine Learning

Data Engineering


Data Lineage

Robust and reliable data for better decision making

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