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Sakura Sky’s Data Operations (DataOps) team offers an all-encompassing approach to the design, implementation, and maintenance of distributed data architectures.

Our services encapsulate a broad spectrum of tools, frameworks, and cloud providers, fostering an increase in the velocity, reliability, and quality of your data analysis. Through the strategic application of advanced automation techniques, integration methods, and cooperative processes, we forge a unified front consisting of data scientists, analysts, engineers, DevOps, and testing/QA teams.

By leveraging our proven DataOps strategy, we facilitate seamless collaboration between all stakeholders, promoting an environment that delivers swift, adaptable, and effective data-centric solutions to drive positive business outcomes.

DataOps Services

Data Engineering

Our team of skilled data engineers architect robust, secure systems and software that enable the seamless collection, transmission, storage, and analysis of data. From building IoT data ingestion pipelines to configuring cloud storage and compute instances, we provide the foundational infrastructure necessary for organizations to innovate and optimize their business operations. By employing high-performance, scalable data pipelines, we enable rapid and reliable data delivery, contributing to an efficient data-driven decision-making process.

Data Integration

Our data integration services leverage sophisticated ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tools and methodologies to amalgamate disparate technical and business processes into meaningful, valuable information. We facilitate the integration of diverse data sources, ensuring the delivery of trusted, high-quality data. Our flexible integration methodologies are designed to support the dynamic needs of your business, facilitating smooth evolution in response to changes in data landscapes.

Data Security & Privacy

Our dedicated data security and privacy teams work proactively to help businesses navigate the complex landscape surrounding the collection, use, and protection of corporate and personal data. By deploying advanced data encryption techniques, robust access control measures, and comprehensive privacy policy frameworks, we ensure your data assets are secure. Working across various sectors, we aid organizations in preparing for potential data breaches, managing intricate security and privacy issues, shaping policy agendas, and influencing leadership positioning.

Data Quality

Recognizing the potential damage unreliable data can cause to an organization’s decision-making process, we collaborate with clients to build sustainable data management solutions. We assist you in formulating a pragmatic data quality strategy, backed by cost-benefit analysis. This includes the integration of data quality and governance programs, the definition of roles and responsibilities for managing data quality, and the establishment of data lifecycle policies, processes, and standards. ### Example Supported Products & Platforms

Apache Superset

Apache Superset is a cutting-edge, enterprise-ready business intelligence web application that offers an open-source alternative to conventional tools like Tableau & PowerBI. Our team can help you leverage the full spectrum of Superset features, including intuitive data exploration and visualization, code-free workflows for deeper data analysis, extensive security configurations, and out-of-the-box support for most SQL-speaking databases.

Apache Airflow

Recognizing the benefits of treating workflows as code, Sakura Sky manages and supports leading tools for data workflow orchestration, including Apache Airflow and Google Cloud Composer. Airflow’s directed acyclic graphs (DAGs) of tasks allow for complex workflow authoring and execution across diverse worker nodes. Its feature-rich user interface facilitates visualization of production pipelines, enabling efficient progress monitoring and timely issue troubleshooting. Our team has successfully deployed numerous Airflow installations in production environments and provides unparalleled support and management services for global brands.

Big Data Analytics & Tools

Data Warehouses & Databases

Machine Learning

Data Engineering


Data Lineage

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