Harness the Power of Advanced Data Engineering with Sakura’s Expertise

Accelerate your digital transformation with Sakura’s comprehensive suite of Data Engineering Services. Utilizing advanced techniques in data engineering, analytics, and machine learning, we empower your organization to consolidate, manage, and leverage your data from diverse sources, unlocking strategic insights and facilitating informed business decisions.

Big Data Analytics & Tools

Sakura’s Big Data Analytics and Tools services harness the power of sophisticated platforms such as Hadoop and Spark, combined with traditional RDBMS and NoSQL databases. Our seasoned consultants meticulously extract, preprocess, and integrate your data, enabling you to unlock robust visualizations and analytics, catalyzing strategic decision-making processes. Our hands-on expertise is your ticket to transforming your Big Data into actionable insights.

Data Warehouses & Databases

Our expertise spans the spectrum of data technologies: from managing OLTP and OLAP systems to orchestrating seamless cloud migrations for traditional databases, unstructured data, NoSQL, and proprietary systems. Our engineers implement efficient ETL pipelines, enabling secure data collection, storage, transformation, and visualization. Leverage our expertise in enhancing the performance of your databases and data warehouses to empower your enterprise-wide decision-making.

Machine Learning

Sakura’s Data Science team are pioneers in designing and delivering data science microservices, machine learning products, and systems. We conduct in-depth research and implement advanced machine learning algorithms for diverse tasks such as item classification, product recognition, and attribute extraction. Our services include design and code reviews, along with assistance in productionizing machine learning solutions, ensuring alignment between your chosen platform and use case.

Research & Analytics

Our Research & Analytics team aims to enhance your organization’s research quality by providing expert advice on data collection and subsequent analysis. We assist in research design, qualitative research methods, survey data collection, data screening, and sophisticated statistical graphics and analysis modelling. Leverage our expertise to optimize the impact and efficiency of your data-driven research initiatives.

Data Manipulation & Feature Engineering

Our developers possess practical experience with tools such as R, Python, Julia, Hadoop, Hive, Scala, Kafka, and Storm. As partners with leading technology providers like Hortonworks Hadoop and DataStax Cassandra, we offer comprehensive solutions for transforming structured data, data mining, data wrangling, and deriving insights. We provide valuable guidance on predictive modeling, analytical, and statistical techniques to solve real-time business problems, enhancing your data-driven decision-making processes.

Project Management & Implementation

Our globally dispersed project management teams possess the expertise to manage your data projects, providing vital advice at each stage of your data lifecycle. Our services span data analytics, data mining, data manipulation, data exploration, data visualization, and usage of descriptive, prescriptive, and predictive analytics tools. We assist in project management, analytics development, data analytics operations, data quality management/testing, and quality assurance, offering end-to-end support for your data projects.

Big Data Analytics & Tools

Data Warehouses & Databases

Machine Learning

Data Engineering


Data Lineage

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