Cloud Native Data and Shift-Left DataOps

Our Data Practice is at the forefront of the Cloud Native revolution, integrating a shift-left approach in data operations to enhance the speed, reliability, and quality of data delivery. As a globally recognized technology consulting firm, Sakura specializes in leveraging Cloud Native architectures and advanced data analytics, including AI and machine learning, to drive business innovation and efficiency.

DataOps Reimagined

DataOps Reimagined

The Sakura DataOps team embraces a Cloud Native philosophy, focusing on designing and automating data pipelines that are both robust and scalable.

We enhance the velocity of your data workflows by seamlessly integrating them into cloud environments, employing modern tools and frameworks that support agility and innovation.

Our Cloud Native approach ensures that data management is not just an operational task, but a strategic asset optimized for real-time analytics and agile decision-making.

Redefining Data Engineering

Our certified expertise in Big Data and Machine Learning, combined with our partnerships with leading cloud providers, positions us to offer a dedicated Data Practice that is inherently Cloud Native.

From big data analytics to data warehousing and databases, Sakura Sky empowers your projects with services that are designed to harness the potential of the cloud.

We enable your teams to discover, manage, and utilize data in ways that break down silos and foster a collaborative, data-centric culture.

Redefining Data Engineering
Machine Learning & AI with a Shift-Left Approach

Machine Learning & AI with a Shift-Left Approach

As experts in Data Science and Engineering, we incorporate a shift-left methodology to embed AI and machine learning early in the development process.

Our team is skilled in deploying intelligent learning algorithms, custom optimization techniques, and predictive models that are built for the cloud from the ground up.

By adopting a shift-left data focus, we ensure that AI development is proactive, security-focused, and compliant with regulatory standards, driving efficiency and reducing time to market.

Our Data Practice Commitment

Advanced Tooling for Cloud Native Solutions

We utilize a wide range of cutting-edge tools and technologies that are synonymous with cloud-native and advanced analytics. Our expertise spans across platforms like Apache Cassandra, DataStax, Spark, Hadoop, TensorFlow, as well as Cloud APIs from AWS, Azure, and GCP.

In the spirit of open-source innovation, we also harness the capabilities of Python, PyTorch, R, and more, to build solutions that are both powerful and adaptable to your evolving data needs.

Tailored Cloud Native Data Solutions

At Sakura, we don’t just provide services; we craft solutions that are aligned with your unique business objectives. Our commitment is to deliver a data strategy that is intrinsically linked to your success, with cloud-native practices and shift-left principles that ensure your data is an enabler of growth and transformation.

Discover how our Data Practice can elevate your business to new heights with cloud-native strategies and shift-left DataOps. Join us in leveraging the power of data to navigate the future of technology.

Cloud Native Integration: Seamlessly transition your data infrastructure to cloud-native technologies, enhancing flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency.

Shift-Left DataOps Approach: Implement data operations early in the development lifecycle for improved data quality, security, and governance.

Advanced Analytics Expertise: Utilize sophisticated analytics tools and machine learning algorithms to unlock predictive insights and drive smarter business decisions.

Comprehensive Data Engineering: Develop robust data architectures that support Big Data, real-time analytics, and AI/ML workloads across various cloud platforms.

AI & Machine Learning Innovation: Push the boundaries of traditional data solutions with cutting-edge AI and machine learning capabilities for transformative outcomes.

Custom Data Science Solutions: Create bespoke data science microservices and models that align with your specific use cases and business objectives.

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