Data Engineering

With our certified expertise and partnerships in Big Data and Machine Learning, Sakura offers a dedicated data practice across all offices.
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Data engineering and advanced analytics are creating new opportunities for businesses.  Sakura Sky enables your project success through a broad range of data, analytics, and machine learning services that enable you to discover, combine, manage, and action your organisational and third party data.

Our teams have expertise in data warehousing, relational databases, NoSQL, analytics, machine learning, project management and implementation.

We specialise in platforms such as Cassandra, DataStax, Spark, Hadoop, TensorFlow, and Google Cloud Platform APIs. We are Google trained and certified in BigQuery, Dataflow, Dataproc, Cloud Machine Learning, Natural Language API, Vision API, Speech API , and more.

Big Data Analytics & Tools

With our experience with Analytics and emerging tools, we can provide a solution to extract, prepare, and blend your data. We also offer platforms for visualisations and analytics that will enhance your business and decision making. From Hadoop and Spark to traditional RDBMS and NoSQL, our consultants have the hands on expertise you need to deliver your next project.

Data Warehousing & Databases

From OLTP and OLAP to cloud migrations across traditional databases, unstructured data, NoSQL, and proprietary systems; our teams have lead data projects that optimise performance and enable decisions across the enterprise.

Machine Learning & Algorithm Development

We define, design, and deliver data science microservices, Machine Learning products, and systems. Selecting the right platform to suit your use case is difficult, we are here to help cut through the marketing spin and identify the solutions that will work for you, our advisory team are here when you need the right implementation with the right skills to ensure success.


Our goal is to enhance the quality of research for your organisation by providing expert advice on the optimal way to collect data and how to analyse your data once it has been collected. We assist organisations with research and sample design, qualitative research methods, survey data and survey sampling, data screening, statistical graphics. and analysis modelling.

Programming & Data Manipulation for data & analytics

Our developers are hands on with R, Python, Julia, Hadoop and Hive, Scala, Kafka and Storm. Sakura is a partner with Hortonworks Hadoop and DataStax Cassandra.

Project Management & Implementation

Our project teams around the globe have the expertise and knowledge to manage your project, provide critical advice at key stages of your data lifecycle, or to fully implement your project from beginning to end.