Tyk is a leading API and service management platform that’s always evolving.

If you really care, you need to listen, adapt, challenge yourself and keep building. Tyk wants to create the next level of service and API management.

Tyk encourages a creative, open and curious mentality. Tyk just doesn’t solve problems, they seek them – tinkering, tweaking and hacking is in their DNA. That means Tyk develops new features and ideas that others copy.

Sakura has extensive Enterprise experience with Tyk, from implementing their MDCB extension through to delivering Governance for their API Developer Portal.

Tyk Features

Tyk is used for projects of every size, including critical systems for emergency responders, airports, major banks and healthcare organizations.

  • Open Source API Gateway: Secure, lightweight, highly performant. It’s free, forever.
  • API Management Dashboard: Open up your APIs to the world, without touching a single line of code.
  • API Developer Portal: Share your APIs and documentation with your developer community.

Our Services

Sakura frequently implements Tyk across our operational footprint and our team has developed deep expertise in architecture, implementation, and optimization.

Digital Transformations

APIs & Microservices

API as a Product

Fast Executions

Application Modernization


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