Digital Transformation with Google Cloud

As an established partner of Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Sakura Sky fuels innovation by aiding developers in creating, testing, and deploying applications and data pipelines on Google’s high-reliability, highly-scalable infrastructure. Our forte lies in delivering, operationalizing and securing your solutions and workloads through GCP’s versatile suite of computing, storage, and application services.

With our wealth of expertise across GCP’s offerings such as AI/ML, compute, Big data solutions, storage, and leading application services, Sakura Sky is your trusted guide across GCP.

AI & Machine Learning

We collaborate with Google’s cutting-edge machine learning offerings on their reliable platform. Our data scientists work in tandem with your team to develop bespoke models or leverage Google’s pre-existing models to ensure optimal outcomes for you.

Cloud Compute

GCP presents a wide array of computing choices that can be customized to suit your unique requirements. Sakura Sky assists you in harnessing the power of GCP’s Compute Engine, Kubernetes Engine, and App Engine for the most efficient and effective deployment and management of your resources.

Big Data

Sakura Sky aids you in capturing, processing, and analyzing data efficiently with GCP’s data analytics products. We enable you to derive critical business insights swiftly and effectively, removing operational complexities through a serverless approach.

Cloud Database

From relational databases like Cloud SQL to NoSQL options such as Cloud Bigtable and Cloud Firestore, GCP offers a myriad of fully-managed, scalable database services to meet all your application needs. Sakura Sky’s team is equipped to guide you through the optimal use of these services.

Hybrid & Multi-cloud

At Sakura Sky, we empower your team to build and manage contemporary hybrid applications across various environments. Leveraging tools like Kubernetes Engine, Istio, and Anthos, we help you transform your architectural approach and focus on innovation without compromising security or adding complexity.

Cloud Networking

Benefit from Google’s high-quality private network that connects their regional locations to over 100 global network points of presence. At Sakura Sky, we work with your team to optimize the adoption of GCP Networking and ensure your applications perform at their peak.

Sakura provides services that focus on building rapid, tailored solutions for your stack

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