Cloud Native Operations for the Enterprise

At Sakura, we blend our deep-rooted expertise with a forward-thinking approach to deliver state-of-the-art cloud native operations services. As proud partners of Google Cloud Platform, AWS, and Microsoft Azure, our experience extends across the spectrum of cloud environments, including Public, Private, and Hybrid Clouds.

Embracing the cloud native paradigm, we focus on leveraging containerization, microservices, dynamic orchestration, and immutable infrastructure to ensure that your applications are resilient, scalable, and fully optimized.

Cloud Native Architecture

Our professional services kickstart your digital transformation by leveraging cloud native technologies that enhance agility, resilience, and scalability. We offer consultancy on adopting a cloud native strategy, including architectural reviews, cloud selection advice, and best practices for leveraging serverless computing, containerization, and orchestration platforms like Kubernetes.

Designing Scalable and Resilient Architectures

Our architectural design services focus on creating infrastructures that are inherently scalable, leveraging microservices, and ensuring systems are fault-tolerant and easily deployable across cloud environments. We offer architecture blueprints, resilience testing, and disaster recovery planning. Managed services include architecture health checks and optimization advice.

Microservices and API Integration

We accelerate application development by implementing microservices architectures that promote modularity and agility. Our services include microservices design and development, API strategy formulation, and API gateway implementation. Managed services cover API lifecycle management, microservices monitoring, and performance tuning.

Kubernetes and Container Orchestration

From initial setup to ongoing management, our Kubernetes services ensure your containerized applications are optimized for performance. This includes cluster setup, containerization of applications, and deployment automation. Managed Kubernetes services offer cluster monitoring, scaling, updates, and security management to maintain operational efficiency.

Cloud Migration and Modernization

Our migration services provide a comprehensive pathway to move applications to cloud native platforms with minimal disruption. This includes lift-and-shift migrations, application modernization assessments, and infrastructure as code implementations. Our managed services support post-migration optimizations and modernization efforts to continuously improve cloud operations.

DevSecOps Integration

By integrating DevSecOps, we embed security measures from the initial phases of development, ensuring secure by design cloud native applications. Services include security automation in CI/CD pipelines, vulnerability scanning, and compliance checks. Managed services offer ongoing security monitoring, threat analysis, and incident response.

Continuous Learning and Enablement

Our training and enablement programs are designed to upskill your team in cloud native principles, Kubernetes management, microservices development, and shift-left security practices. We offer workshops, certification courses, and hands-on sessions tailored to your team’s needs. Managed learning services provide access to continuous learning platforms and updated resources.

Partnering for Success in Cloud Operations

Our engagement model is built on collaboration and flexibility, offering both project-based consultancy and ongoing managed services. We work closely with your team to define the scope, deliver bespoke solutions, and provide ongoing support to ensure your cloud operations are efficient, secure, and aligned with your business objectives.

Comprehensive cloud native Strategy: We develop a holistic cloud native strategy that encompasses your entire digital estate, ensuring optimal use of cloud resources for scalability and innovation.

Expertise Across Cloud Platforms: Our deep expertise across Google Cloud Platform, AWS, and Microsoft Azure enables us to tailor solutions that best fit your specific cloud environment, maximizing efficiency and performance.

Advanced Cloud Architecture and Design: Leveraging the latest in cloud technology, we design resilient, scalable, and secure cloud architectures that support your business objectives and drive growth.

Automation and Orchestration: By automating cloud operations and orchestration, we minimize manual effort, reduce errors, and ensure consistent, efficient deployment and management of cloud resources.

Containerization and Kubernetes Expertise: Our specialization in containerization and Kubernetes empowers your applications with agility, portability, and scalability, enabling you to navigate the complexities of modern software deployment with ease.

Tailored Migration and Modernization Pathways: From assessing your readiness for cloud migration to executing a seamless transition and modernizing your applications for the cloud, we provide end-to-end support that aligns with your business's pace and objectives.

Start your journey towards a scalable, resilient, and innovative cloud native environment with Sakura.

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