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Sakura applies & integrates Azure across organizations large & small. Make the most of your investment.

Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud computing services to help your organization meet its business challenges. Azure gives you the freedom to build, manage, and deploy applications on a massive, global network using your preferred tools and frameworks.

Sakura offers professional and managed services across the suite of Azure offerings.

AI & Machine Learning

Sakura and Azure can help you create the next generation of applications using artificial intelligence capabilities for any developer and any scenario.

  • Cognitive Services: A comprehensive family of AI services and cognitive APIs to help you build intelligent apps.
  • Azure Machine Learning: Enterprise-grade machine learning service to build and deploy models faster.
  • Azure Databricks: Fast, easy, and collaborative Apache SparkTM–based analytics service.


Gather, store, process, analyze, and visualize data of any variety, volume, or velocity using Azure.

  • Azure Data Lake Storage: Massively scalable, secure data lake functionality built on Azure Blob Storage.
  • Data Factory: Hybrid data integration service that simplifies ETL at scale.
  • Azure Analysis Services: Proven analytics engine.
  • Azure Stream Analytics: Serverless real-time analytics, from the cloud to the edge.


We can enable and support rapid growth and innovate faster with secure, enterprise-grade, and fully managed database services.

  • Azure Cosmos DB: Globally distributed, multi-model database service for any scale.
  • Azure Database Migration Service: Accelerate your transition to the cloud
  • Table Storage: A NoSQL key-value store for rapid development using massive semi-structured datasets.
  • Azure SQL Database: Managed, intelligent SQL in the cloud.


Deliver high-quality video content anywhere, any time, and on any device

  • Azure Media Services: Cloud-based media workflow platform to index, package, protect, and stream video at scale.
  • Content Protection: Deliver highly-secure content using multi-DRM (PlayReady, Widevine, FairPlay Streaming) or AES clear key encryption.
  • Encoding: Studio-grade encoding at cloud scale.
  • Live and on-demand streaming: Deliver content to virtually any device at scale.
  • Video Indexer: Automatically extract advanced metadata from video and audio content.


Get secure, massively scalable cloud storage for your data, apps, and workloads

  • Azure Data Lake Storage: Massively scalable, secure data lake functionality built on Azure Blob Storage.
  • Azure Data Explorer: Fast and highly scalable data analytics service.
  • Azure Archive Storage: Industry leading price point for storing rarely accessed data.
  • Blob Storage: Massively scalable object storage for unstructured data.

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