Empowering Data-Driven Innovation with AWS

Sakura Sky specializes in leveraging AWS to enable your transformation through data, AI, and advanced analytics, underscored by a Cloud Native and Shift-Left Data ethos. Our comprehensive AWS consulting and managed services are designed to elevate your data capabilities, enabling powerful AI and analytics solutions.

Our team’s proficiency with IaC, utilizing OpenTofu and Terraform, ensures that your environment is not only robust but also agile, facilitating continuous integration and delivery. We are committed to enabling your business with the most advanced AWS services, focusing on building a data infrastructure that supports cutting-edge AI and analytics.

Enterprise Solutions

We understand the demands of managing large-scale IT infrastructures. Our AWS consulting services for enterprises focus on constructing a data-centric AWS architecture that’s scalable, cost-effective, and secure. By aligning with your specific business needs, we ensure seamless integration and operation, positioning you to capitalize on data-driven opportunities.

Startup Agility

For startups, agility and scalability are paramount. Our AWS consulting services are tailored to help startups leverage powerful AWS data services, ensuring flexible, scalable, and cost-efficient solutions. From rapid deployments to optimizing for growth, we support you at every step of your entrepreneurial journey.

Public Sector Innovation

For public sector entities, we deliver AWS solutions that meet stringent regulatory and security requirements while maximizing efficiency and innovation. Our expertise ensures that government, educational, and non-profit organizations benefit from cloud-native data strategies, making data more accessible and actionable.

Our AWS Difference

Embark on a journey with Sakura Sky and AWS to harness the power of a Cloud Native approach and a Shift-Left data strategy. Let’s transform your data into a strategic asset, driving growth and innovation in your organization.

Infrastructure and Compute

Utilizing AWS compute services, we design infrastructures that are flexible and scalable. This approach supports your evolving data and AI and analytics needs effectively.

Storage and Database

We implement scalable, efficient storage and databases with AWS, focusing on security, cost effectiveness, and availability. Your data remains secure and readily accessible for all your needs, in the most robust format for your purposes.

Networking and Content Delivery

Our team builds robust AWS network architectures, ensuring fast and reliable access to your data. Secure and efficient content delivery is at the heart of our networking solutions.

Data Security, Identity, and Compliance

Employing a shift-left approach, we integrate robust security measures early in the data lifecycle. Our strategies ensure compliance and robust protection within your AWS environment.

Analytics and Machine Learning

We leverage AWS's powerful analytics and machine learning services to transform data into insights. Services like Amazon Redshift, SageMaker, and AWS Glue are key in our innovative solutions.

Management and Governance

Our management and governance services ensure that your AWS infrastructure is efficient, secure, and compliant. We use AWS CloudFormation and AWS Config to uphold industry standards and best practices.

Embark on your AWS journey with Cloud Native Data and harness the power of AI and Analytics.

Revolutionize your data strategy with Sakura Sky and AWS