Sakura provides a complete Managed Service backed by our Data expertise.

Sakura Sky provides support and implementation services for APIs & Microservices Sakura delivers APIs and Microservices at scale using cutting-edge tools for managing the HTTP layer between developers, software and IoT. We focus API Gateway and Microservices Management Layers that deliver high performance and reliability. We know APIs and can implement and migrate legacy, monolithic, ESB-based architectures, to modern microservice architectures running on Public, Private, Hybrid, and multi-Cloud including Kubernetes and containers.


API Strategy & Governance

Sakura can work with your team to develop API programs and a clearly defined strategy to achieve adoption, reuse, and innovation. We can help you navigate the many decisions necessary to establish a successful API program. We also define and implement API Governance structures for organisations seeking to grow through the adoption of APIs across their portfolio.


A modern, API centric microservice architecture takes more than applying specific technologies. Success requires a fundamental shift in how you think about software delivery. Sakura can lead change, provide architectural guidance, migrate applications, or design roadmaps and training to create outcomes and enable project success.


We can ensure that your APIs are well designed, discoverable, and properly documented so stakeholders can get started quickly and implement your platform. Sakura can work with your team and assist with increased API adoption, reuse, and operational efficiency.

API Management

Sakura works with API Management platforms to deliver security and authentication (Oauth2, JWT, ACL, Basic, LDAP), traffic control and rate limiting (Rate limiting, Circuit Breakers, Canary releases), transformations (Request/Response Transformer, Correlation ID), and custom plugin development for API Management Gateways.


We help you develop, test and deploy your microservice based applications. We will help you pick the most appropriate tool and frameworks and conduct architecture and code reviews. We are your microservices experts with multiple projects in-flight.

Managed Services

Allow us to monitor your processes and measure performance for continuous availability, and help you control and limit the total cost of ownership of integrations. With Sakura integration experts at your fingertips to support and firefight, your teams can focus on new business and core competencies.



Build and deliver modern applications faster with well-managed APIs. Sakura works with Apigee to design, secure, analyze, and scale APIs anywhere with visibility and control.

  • Design APIs: Easily create API proxies and visually configure or code API policies as steps in the API flow. Customize API behavior using code. Plus, transform from or to any protocol.
  • Secure APIs: Enforce consistent security best practices and governance policies across all APIs. Protect your data at rest against OWASP threats with 0Auth 2.0, SAML, two-way TLS, and encryption.
  • Publish APIs: Provide reference documentation, manage the audience for an API from your portal, develop portal content and reusable access controls with our three-step publishing solution.
  • Analyze APIs: Drill down into API traffic data, investigate traffic spikes, and trace live API calls with real-time insights from your data. Track active developers and apps and the associated revenue metrics.
  • Monitor APIs: Ensure API availability to maintain seamless experiences for application developers, customers, and partners. Reduce the mean time to diagnosis (MTTD) by quickly investigating issues.
  • Monetize APIs: Move beyond current business models, scale API programs, and create new opportunities with out-of-the-box monetization.
  • Developer portal: Publish APIs to a customizable portal, so that developers can easily explore, test, get API keys, and innovate fast. Accelerate API adoption with offerings, rate limits, and pricing.
  • Manage microservices: As soon as microservices communicate with internal groups — or with external partners or developers — they require API management. Securely manage microservices as APIs with Apigee Edge.

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Kong is a scalable, open source API Layer (also known as an API Gateway, or API Middleware). Kong runs in front of any RESTful API and is extended through plugins, which provide extra functionality and services beyond the core platform. Once Kong is running, every request being made to the API will hit Kong first, and then it will be proxied to the final API. In between requests and responses Kong will execute any plugin that you decided to install, empowering your APIs. Kong effectively becomes the entry point for every API request.

  • Authentication: Protect your services with an authentication layer.
  • Traffic Control: Manage, throttle, and restrict inbound and outbound API traffic.
  • Analytics: Visualize, inspect, and monitor APIs and microservice traffic.
  • Transformations: Transform requests and responses on the fly.
  • Logging: Stream request and response data to logging solutions.
  • Serverless: Invoke serverless functions via APIs. Sakura provides implementation and architecture expertise as well as on going support and maintenance across the Kong suite.

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Tyk is used for projects of every size, including critical systems for emergency responders, airports, major banks and healthcare organizations.

  • Open Source API Gateway: Secure, lightweight, highly performant. It’s free, forever.
  • API Management Dashboard: Open up your APIs to the world, without touching a single line of code.
  • API Developer Portal: Share your APIs and documentation with your developer community.

Sakura offers extensive Tyk experience.

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