Implement, connect, manage, and orchestrate APIs & Microservices with Sakura Sky

Sakura Sky provides support and implementation services for APIs & Microservices At Sakura Sky, we specialize in supporting and implementing APIs and Microservices at a scale, enabling seamless interaction between developers, software, and IoT. Our experts can guide the transformation from legacy, monolithic, ESB-based architectures to modern microservice architectures. Our solutions can run across a variety of platforms including Public, Private, Hybrid, and Multi-Cloud environments, as well as Kubernetes and containers.

API Strategy & Governance

In this stage, we collaborate with your team to formulate robust API programs and strategies aimed at achieving broad adoption, efficient reuse, and fostering innovation. We assist in navigating the myriad of decisions required to establish a successful API program and define API Governance structures tailored to your organization’s needs.

Migration to Microservices

Migrating to an API-centric microservice architecture requires more than just adopting specific technologies. It necessitates a fundamental shift in your software delivery perspective. At Sakura Sky, we lead change, offer architectural guidance, assist in application migration, and design roadmaps and training to facilitate successful project outcomes.

API Modernization

Our team ensures that your APIs are intuitively designed, discoverable, and properly documented, enabling stakeholders to implement your platform swiftly. By working with your team, we aid in enhancing API adoption, reuse, and operational efficiency.

API Management

At Sakura Sky, we collaborate with API Management platforms to ensure robust security and authentication (Oauth2, JWT, ACL, Basic, LDAP), efficient traffic control and rate limiting (Rate limiting, Circuit Breakers, Canary releases), and perform transformations (Request/Response Transformer, Correlation ID). We also develop custom plugins for API Management Gateways.

Microservices Implementation

Our team aids in the development, testing, and deployment of your microservice-based applications. We provide guidance in choosing the most suitable tools and frameworks and conduct architecture and code reviews. We are your microservices experts, assisting you in managing multiple projects simultaneously.

Managed Services

At Sakura Sky, we offer services to monitor your processes and measure performance for continuous availability. Our managed services allow your teams to focus on new business and core competencies, while we take care of integrations and troubleshoot potential issues.

Platform-Specific Services:

We also provide specialized services for specific API Management platforms:

  1. Apigee: We collaborate with Apigee to design, secure, analyze, and scale APIs, offering complete visibility and control. Find out more about our Apigee offering.
  2. Kong: Kong is a scalable, open-source API layer (also known as an API Gateway, or API Middleware). We provide implementation and architectural expertise as well as ongoing support and maintenance across the Kong suite. Read more about our Kong services.
  3. Tyk: We have extensive experience with Tyk, used for projects of every size, including critical systems for emergency responders, airports, major banks, and healthcare organizations. Sakura offers extensive Tyk experience.

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