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Implement, Connect, Manage, Orchestrate APIs & Microservices
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Sakura delivers APIs and Microservices at scale using cutting-edge tools for managing the HTTP layer between developers, software and IoT.

We focus on open-source API Gateway and Microservices Management Layers, that deliver high performance and reliability. We know APIs and can implement and migrate legacy, monolithic, ESB-based architectures, to modern microservice architectures running on Pubilc, Private, Hybrid, and multi-Cloud including Kubernetes and containers.

Enterprise Wide API Strategy

Sakura can work with your team to develop API programs and a clearly defined strategy to achieve adoption, reuse, and innovation. We can help you navigate the many decisions necessary to establish a successful API program.

Migration to APIs & Microservices

A modern, API centric microservice architecture takes more than applying specific technologies, success requires a fundamental shift in how you think about software delivery. Sakura can lead change, provide architectural guidance, migrate applications, or design roadmaps and training to create outcomes and enable project success.

Modernisation Consulting

We can ensure that your APIs are well designed, discoverable, and properly documented so stakeholders can get started quickly and implement your platform.  Sakura can work with your team and assist with increased API adoption, reuse, and operational efficiency.

API Management

Sakura works with API Management platforms to deliver security and authentication (Oauth2, JWT, ACL, Basic, LDAP), traffic control and rate limiting (Rate limiting, Circuit Breakers, Canary releases), transformations (Request/Response Transformer, Correlation ID), and custom plugin development for API Management Gateways.

Implementation Expertise

We help you develop, test and deploy your microservice based applications. We will help you pick the most appropriate tool and frameworks and conduct architecture and code reviews. We are your microservices experts with multiple projects in-flight.

Managed services

Allow us to monitor your processes and measure performance for continuous availability, and help you control and limit the total cost of ownership of integrations. With Sakura integration experts at your fingertips to support and firefight, your teams can focus on new business and core competencies.