Sakura Sky
Make It Happen

We are a passionate group of thinkers, innovators, creatives, strategists & technologists dedicated to creating the most impactful digital solutions. You can find us in Asia, Australia, USA, and Europe.

Using a people centred approach, we help organisations define, design and develop digital products, services and experiences to create deep connections and loyalty with the right audiences.

Through our certified expertise and platform partnerships, Sakura offers expertise in analytics and tools, data warehousing, predictive analytics, segmentation modelling, artificial intelligence, analytics project management and implementation. We specialise in platforms such as Cassandra, DataStax, Spark, Hadoop, TensorFlow, and Google Cloud Platform APIs.

We implement systems with Natural Language Processing from discourse analysis and named entity recognition through to speech processing and relationship extraction for not only our customers but also for our own platforms. Both Yujin and Jiku, Sakura’s own SaaS platforms, also implement NLP and machine learning.

People, places, organisations, companies, URLs, email addresses, phone numbers, and values such as dates, currency, percentages, and virtually any other entity your business requires can be identified, tagged and or extracted by our systems and processes. We also provide visual analysis of images and video.

As a trained and certified partner of Google Cloud Platform, we have assisted many organisations migrate or deploy their essential services to the Cloud. We’ll find the right solution to ensure maximum affordability with the ability to scale massively to meet market demands.

We can help your organisation detect and assess vulnerabilities in your IT systems and implement information security management, vulnerability management and data security solutions. We have a background in PCI DSS compliance, OWASP testing, ISM Principles, SANS Critical Security Controls and CIS benchmarking.

Protecting your intellectual property, your content, your customer data, and implementing strong mechanisms for securing data at rest and in transit is just one of the ways we aim to enable best practices in our projects. Our consultants advise, secure, and protect data for customers across the globe.

From simple content managed web sites through to enterprise publishing platforms and asset management systems, our experience in the digital publishing is unparalleled. We have the skills and knowledge to define, select, implement, deploy, and manage your content across all channels.

Whether you need a solution or expertise in recording, editing or producing audio files such as songs, musical pieces, human speech or sound effects, our team have worked with global brands and audiences to achieve outstanding results. We know how to produce, deliver, store, and protect your assets.

Our real world experience with a broad range of video solutions allows us to select and implement the best platform for your needs. We have successfully delivered hundreds of projects for our global set of clients and we can help you take full advantage of new video functionality, SDKs, analytics, and advertising.