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Jiku Content Cloud is a SaaS based publishing, machine learning and data platform featuring cloud asset management, data insights, and multichannel delivery to social, ecommerce, and mobile devices. Jiku enables your content lifecycle, manages unstructured data, creates customer profiles and  builds content relationships.

From metadata management, video, images, text, and commerce through to analytics and security, we have a solution for evolving content needs.

Discover the Insights API

Jiku also offers an Insights API that delivers an intelligent REST API to build customer profiles and content relationships. This API provides an easy and complete way to learn about your audience, and to tag people, places, companies, facts, and events in your content.

You can integrate Jiku Insights into web sites, mobile applications, kiosks, or wherever internet access is available.

Publishing Suite

The Jiku Publishing Suite is a Software as a Service platform offering a simple interface, advanced management tools, deep third party integration, and sold via a monthly subscription.

Unstructured Data

Extracting and transforming unstructured data is at the core of Jiku Content Cloud functionality. Built with intelligent parsing capabilities and a suite of editorial tools, our platform continues to deliver across many industries.

Asset Management

Our Asset Manager provides text, image, video, enriched metadata and Natural Language Processing capabilities into content workflows and distribution.

Intelligent Content

Jiku offers flexible Natural Language Processing, Sentiment Analysis and Image Recognition tools to allow you to enable powerful insights into your audience.

Content Analytics

Our content analytics beacons gather in-browser user behaviour, events, and preferences. Gain deep insights into your content via integration with Hadoop, BigQuery, Qlik, Tableau, and more.


Our powerful APIs allow for your content to be integrated into other DAMs, DCMs, ECMs, or even into your web site CMS. Jiku can also automate content syndication in many formats.

Recommendation API

The Jiku API will help analyse your data to add various features to your applications, such as customer sentiment analysis, spam detection, marketing recommendations, and more.


Our Jiku platform gets to know your users through personas, sentiment analysis, social media, user preferences, and other data your applications can provide. Your content becomes context aware through entity recognition, relationships, facts, events, and topics. By default we capture location, time, and device.


Jiku implements TensorFlow Machine Learning, vision analysis, and Natural Language Processing to parse your content and enable structured insights into your customers and your content.


Automated user and content segmentation can be enabled through our intelligent tagging, your supplied metadata, or through trained learning models. This segmentation can allow better understanding of your audiences and how they interact with your organisation.


By default every piece of metadata you expose to Jiku will be parsed by our Natural Language Processing, Sentiment Analysis, and Machine Learning models to extract topics to be applied across your systems and reports.


Jiku supports GIS mapping, Conversational Commerce, payments systems, data analytics, behavioural modelling, and more.