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Here is our Cloud Advisory practice lead’s pick of the latest products features and updates from Google Cloud, October 2017:

  • GCP region expanded to Frankfurt: To help reduce latency by up to 50% for end users in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Eastern Europe, a new region has been launched in Frankfurt (europe-west3). European companies east of Frankfurt should see better app performance.
  • São Paulo region public launch: GCP customers and end users in South America can see decreased latency with the newly added São Paulo region (southamerica-east1), the first GCP region in Latin America.
  • Cloud DLP API further DeID content and analysis Beta: Mask, encrypt, or tokenize sensitive text-based data with the Data Loss Prevention API, now in beta.

Why Cloud DLP API?

The Data Loss Prevention API can de-identify sensitive data in text content, including text stored in container structures such as tables. De-identification is the process of removing identifying information from data. The API detects sensitive data such as personally identifiable information (PII), and then uses a de-identification transformation to mask, delete, or otherwise obscure the data. For example, de-identification techniques can include any of the following:

  • “Masking” sensitive data by partially or fully replacing characters with a symbol, such as an asterisk (*) or hash (#).
  • Replacing each instance of sensitive data with a “token,” or surrogate, string.
  • Encrypting and replacing sensitive data using a randomly generated or pre-determined key.

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