Google Cloud Product Updates September 6, 2017

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Here is our Cloud Advisory practice lead’s pick of the latest products features and updates from Google Cloud, September 2017:

  • MultiNIC GA: Google Cloud Platform users can now attach multiple network interfaces to a single instance. This enables users to connect virtual network and security appliances, or create an inexpensive fault-tolerant solution, among other tasks.
  • Cloud Interconnect Beta: Google Cloud Interconnect now supports dedicated physical connections between your on-premises network and Google’s network. This allows traffic between your on-premises network and your virtual private cloud network to transfer at speeds of 10 Gbps and greater without using the public Internet.
  • GCE creates images from running or stopped VM instances: A new flag in the GCE API allows customers to create images from disks attached to a running or stopped VM instance through the use of a single API call or action, eliminating the need for workarounds.
  • App Engine Firewall beta: Users can now restrict traffic based on an originating IP address with the beta release of the App Engine Firewall, which allows users to set firewall rules for an App Engine application.
  • Generic health check support to Autohealer beta: The beta release of Autohealer for managed instance groups now includes support for TCP- and SSL-based health checks apart from HTTP and HTTPS, bringing them in line with health checks for load-balancing services.

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