Google Cloud Product Updates August 24, 2017

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The Sakura team undergo frequent training and certification to ensure they are up to date with the latest Google Cloud Platform news. This ensures our customers get the best advice on Google’s leading solutions.

Here is our consulting team’s pick of the latest products features and updates from Google Cloud:

  • SSH using internal IP address in gcloud: The new feature allows gcloud beta compute SSH to connect to private IP-only instances, giving users a familiar, secure, and consistent mechanism for using SSH.
  • Cloud Dataproc 1.2: Cloud Dataproc 1.2 becomes the default image version for new clusters and includes updates to OSS, Apache Hadoop 2.8x, and Apache Spark 2.2x, as well as configuration changes.
  • Cloud Natural Language API v1.1 GA: Cloud Natural Language API v1.1 offers extended language support for syntax, document-level sentiment, and entity analysis. New languages include German, Italian, French, Korean, Chinese, and Portuguese.
  • Cloud Speech API v1—expanded language coverage: Cloud Speech API has added support for 30 new languages, giving customers access to more users in more countries for an almost global reach. Check out the complete list of supported languages.
  • Organization Policy service GA: The GA release of the Organization Policy service provides centralized control over resource policies, enabling admins to set constraints on GCP services. See the complete list of available constraints.
  • Stackdriver Trace UI non-Google App Engine log integration: Applications not hosted on Google App Engine can now link traces to logs and have those links appear in the Stackdriver Trace UI.
  • Stackdriver for Node.js: The beta release of Stackdriver for Node.js expands its capabilities to include new Stackdriver libraries for Stackdriver Logging, Debugger, Trace, and Error Reporting.
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