Building Team Skills

Sakura delivers a broad range of technical and product focused engagements for organizations of all sizes.

The Sakura training team authors original content to help build the skills of digital professionals. With a strong focus on technical competencies and product management, our team turn our hands on experience into insightful learning opportunities.



Accelerate Program

Our popular Accelerate methodology enables technical teams to on board and deploy advanced technologies fast. Our hands on experts fill the gap between training and Production to ensure your teams are enabled and adopting new technologies in a proven approach that ensures you have ready to go workloads.


With on staff PhDs and recognized academic researchers, we build and maintain a deep connection to a number of Universities and their research arms. We work with Honors students, PhD candidates, academic staff members, and more to help commercialize and realize research across a range of verticals. Bringing this knowledge and research capability to market allows us to forge new intellectual property jointly with our customers and leading researchers.


For Skilled Professionals

Our training team have put together a syllabus of original training content covering software architecture, product management, machine learning, Cloud, and more.

Learn practical skills tailored for real life scenarios with courses like Best practices for Apache Cassandra on Google Cloud Platform, Scalable Architectures for Google Cloud Platform, Understanding Machine Learning, Data Analysis with Python, and more.

Tailored Delivery

We can customize our content, or deliver vendor certified material, in a manner tailored for you and your organization.

Our team can deliver in your office, or build training material on your environment to ensure your staff are skilled up in new technology roll outs.

Community Events

We actively create and build communities across Asia, Europe, and North America on topics such as TensorFlow, Machine Learning, Big Data and more.

Events we are involved in include Machine Learning Monday and Codelab Wednesday.

Scheduled Training

Scheduled Training

Our scheduled courses are open to all. Find out more about our scheduled training courses.

Rapid onboarding to enhance your technical expertise

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