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Sakura Sky offers a range of training courses from Data Analytics & Machine Learning to Architecture and Security.
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The Sakura training team authors original content to help build the skills of digital professionals. With a strong focus on technical competencies and product management, our team turn our hands on experience into insightful learning opportunities.

Training for Highly Skilled Professionals

Our training team have put together a syllabus of original training content covering software architecture, product management, Machine Learning, Cloud, and more. Learn practical skills tailored for real life scenarios with courses like Best practices for Apache Cassandra on Google Cloud Platform,  Scalable Architectures for Google Cloud Platform, Understanding Machine Learning, Data Analysis with Python, and more.

Tailored Delivery

We can customise our own content, or deliver vendor certified material, in a manner tailored for you and your organisation. Our team can deliver in your office, or build training material on your environment to ensure your staff are skilled up in new technology roll outs.

Community Events

We actively create and build communities across Asia, Europe, and North America on topics such as TensorFlow, Machine Learning, Big Data and more. Events we are involved in, include Machine Learning Monday and Codelab Wednesday.
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Migrating from Heroku to Google Cloud Platform

Interested in learning about migrating from Heroku to GCP and the benefits of doing so? Please join GCP and  Sakura Sky for best practices and hands on learning for Heroku to GCP migrations! Overview: Why Move to GCP Driving Factors - planning a migration, sizing, etc, migrating tips Components of GCP and Getting Started: Getting

The Beginners Guide to TensorFlow

Deep learning (also known as deep structured learning, hierarchical learning or deep machine learning) is a branch of machine learning based on a set of algorithms that attempt to model high level abstractions in data. TensorFlow is one of the newest and most comprehensive libraries for implementing deep learning. This course will show you how

Scalable Architectures for Google Cloud Platform

Our Google Cloud Platform certified team have put together a guide for understanding and building scalable architectures on Google Cloud Platform. Focused on the role of an architect as well as including technical hands on with Google Cloud Platform components, you will learn how to create, document, and communicate scalable and resilient architectures. Topics Covered Introduction to

Data Analysis with Python

Topics covered include: Python data analysis basics Basics of Python for Data Analysis Why learn Python for data analysis? Python 2.7 v/s 3.4 How to install Python? Running a few simple programs in Python Python libraries and data structures Python Data Structures Python Iteration and Conditional Constructs Python Libraries Import/Export Data Import Data from CSV Export

Security, Penetration Testing, and PCI DSS with FOSS

This course has been created in order to utilise Free & Open Source Software (FOSS) as tools to meet one or more Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) requirements. Through the journey of meeting and understanding PCI DSS requirements, you will also have the opportunity to discuss and develop penetration testing and other security techniques.

Codelab Wednesday

Ever wanted to learn to code using the best practice examples from Google and have an expert to help you in case you get stuck? Welcome to Codelab Wednesday, where a community of developers and the Sakura team members get together and work through Google Codelabs week by week. Sure you can do the tutorials yourself, but

Best Practices for Apache Cassandra on Google Cloud Platform

We know Apache Cassandra, and we know Google Cloud Platform. Attend this training series to learn best practice for implementing Cassandra on Google Cloud. Topics Covered Topology Regions & Zones Seeds & Snitch Replication Instances Garbage Collection Cassandra.yaml Disks Networks & Subnets Inter-region Testing Approach Metrics Reporting Maintenance Recommendations checklist Time 9:30 am - 6:00pm

Machine Learning Monday

Join our team and other community members for a weekly code event in our offices. Every Monday night, we will get together and explore Machine Learning frameworks, TensorFlow, tools, methods, latest trends, or just code together and meet like minded people. This group will focus on learning Machine Learning, code, and community. If you are