SaaS products are core to our offering and we are constantly upgrading our systems.
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From our Datafy DQM (Data Quality Management) and MDM (Master Data Management) through to our Natural Language Processing (NLP) platform and our Metadata Management System we have a flexible and proven series of tools ready for use.

Datafy DQM

Our Datafy platform is focused on managing your data and with Datafy Data Quality Manager (DQM) we provide a robust interface that delivers functions like cleansing, standardization, parsing, de-duplication, matching, hierarchy management, identity resolution, plus more. Built on Google Cloud Spanner and also ported to PostgreSQL we have built a platform that can integrate and scale to any demand.

Datafy MDM

Datafy Mater Data Management (MDM) is a cloud based, SaaS platform that delivers tools and processes to ensure master data is coordinated across your enterprise. Datafy MDM provides a unified master data service that provides accurate, consistent and complete master data across the enterprise and to business partners. Easily integrated and always available, Datafy MDM is a globally-distributed, and strongly consistent data service built for the cloud specifically and combines the benefits of relational database structure with non-relational horizontal scale.

Datafy MMS

Our Datafy MMS (Metadata Management System) delivers a SaaS platform interface to capture and store metadata, metadata integration and publication, and metadata management & governance.  Datafy MMS  includes an end-to-end process and governance framework for creating, controlling, enhancing, attributing, defining and managing metadata schemas, models and other structured aggregation systems.

Data Science Warehouse

Through our private API portal powered by Google Cloud Platform, we offer a Data as a Service (DaaS) capability and we are constantly adding more public and private data to our systems. Our data currently includes 2.4B+ time series, 1K+ topics, 1K+ sources. Our Data Science Warehouse allows you to quickly source and add data to your models for machine learning training purposes.

Cassandra SCT

We know data. We know Cassandra. Our team can assist you to spread data evenly around your clusters, to minimise the number of partitions read, and to determine exactly what queries you need to support. We can optimise your CQL, your schemas, and the way your applications interact with Cassandra to achieve the high performance goals you need. We also offer the Sakure Cassandra Toolkit (SCT), autility that includes the following features: cross DC and Rack node management, schema migrations, data migrations (including reference and test data),  multi environment consistency management, snapshot management, and more.

Yujin NLP & Chatbots

Yujin embeds Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing into your applications and is our award winning, neural network backed platform, that creates an unforgettable experience for users and creates new ways for organisations to interact with their audience. Supporting vertical domain knowledge from mapping and points of interest, through to weather, transport, and general small talk, Yujin can engage with broad audiences, customers, staff, and suppliers.