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Sakura Sky offers flexible engagement models tailored for your needs, from team augmentation through to complete end to end delivery.

Engaging is designed to be easy. From project based Professional Services to ongoing Managed Services, we also offer long term Research engagements, a range of Products, as well as our leading Accelerate program that delivers value and gets your workloads into Production faster than ever before.


Professional Services

We have delivered many projects across a broad range of industries and our team is available to augment your capacity. From data scientists and data engineers, to architects and project managers, we have an exceptionally talented team ready to assist. Take advantage of our expertise to facilitate your project delivery teams and realise the value of your initiative sooner.

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Managed Services

Our teams also provide ongoing, predictable delivery services to allow your teams to focus on your core business. For some customers we build and manage repeatable data pipelines, for others we manage their multi or hybrid cloud environments, we even ensure the security of third party applications and provide on tap expertise to ensure business as usual. The key to our success is ensuring our processes are robust, reliable, and scalable to allow your organisation to focus on your critical objectives.

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Products & Platforms

Data Quality Management

The niio.cloud platform is focused on managing your data and with niio Data Quality Manager (DQM) we provide a proven interface that delivers functions like cleansing, standardization, parsing, deduplication, matching, hierarchy management, identity resolution, plus more.

Built on Google Cloud Spanner, and also ported to PostgreSQL we have built a platform that can integrate and scale to any demand.

Master Data Management

niio.cloud Master Data Management (MDM) is a cloud based, SaaS platform that delivers tools and processes to ensure master data is coordinated across your enterprise.

niio MDM provides a unified master data service that provides accurate, consistent and complete master data across the enterprise and to business partners.

Easily integrated and always available, niio MDM is a globally distributed, and strongly consistent data service built for the cloud specifically and combines the benefits of relational database structure with non-relational horizontal scale.

Data as a Service

Through our private API portal powered by Google Cloud Platform, we offer a Data as a Service (DaaS) capability and we are constantly adding more public and private data to our systems.

The niio.cloud Warehouse currently includes:

  • 2,400,000,000+ time series
  • 1,000+ topics
  • 1,000+ sources.

Our Warehouse allows you to quickly source and add data to your models for machine learning training purposes.

Training & Research

Training & Events

The Sakura training team authors original content to help build the skills of digital professionals. With a strong focus on technical competencies and product management, our team turn our hands on experience into insightful learning opportunities. Our content includes Apache Airflow, Cassandra, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Python, Machine Learning, and much more.

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Accelerate Program

Our popular Accelerate methodology enables technical teams to on board and deploy advanced technologies fast. Our hands on experts fill the gap between training and Production to ensure your teams are enabled and adopting new technologies in a proven approach that ensures you have ready to go workloads.


With on staff PhDs and recognized academic researchers, we build and maintain a deep connection to a number of Universities and their research arms. We work with Honors students, PhD candidates, academic staff members, and more to help commercialize and realize research across a range of verticals. Bringing this knowledge and research capability to market allows us to forge new intellectual property jointly with our customers and leading researchers.

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Sakura Sky provides cloud, data, and security services to the world’s leading brands and has a presence across North America, Europe, and Asia. Work with us to enable your cloud, data, or security project with our experts.