Comprehensive cookbooks for Chef and Google Cloud Platform

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Google have released and open sourced a set of comprehensive cookbooks for Chef users to manage Google Cloud Platform (GCP) resources, making the critical task of managing cloud resources across your application lifecycle easier.

These new cookbooks will allow you to define an entire GCP infrastructure using Chef recipes and then Chef  creates the infrastructure, enforces it, and ensures it stays in compliance.  The cookbooks Google have made available support the following products:

Read more on the Google Cloud Platform Blog or contact the Sakura team for more information about our Google Cloud Platform and Chef expertise.

About Chef

Adopting cloud infrastructure, embracing microservices, and using containers to develop and deploy applications takes time and creates a mix of modern and legacy apps and infrastructure.  Your teams need continuous automation to rapidly deliver apps and infrastructure in hybrid environments. This is where Chef comes in.

Chef is a continuous automation platform powered by the community. Together, Chef and GCP enable you to drive continuous automation across infrastructure, compliance and applications.