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Facebook knows how to connect people, from friends and family to communities and groups, and now they connect your coworkers too. Facebook have released the internal version of their platform, which they have run for many years, to organisations like yours. With  more than 1,000 companies and over 100,000 groups collaborating and connecting,  Workplace is now available to any company or organisation that wants to use it.

Sakura has partnered with Facebook to offer Workplace implementation, change management, transformation, engagement, and technical integration services.


Workplace allows you to connect everyone in your organisation and to get things done like never before. Our experienced Workplace team can connect your teams through group discussions, a personalised News Feed, and voice and video calling. Workplace is separate from your personal Facebook account.


Workplace is an open platform that offers Groups, Multi Company Groups, Work Chat, Video, Live Video, and more. Connect with people you need right away, or with any other company already using Workplace and then broadcast your experiences and message to your whole company in an instant. Workplace will change the way your teams work together.


Workplace provides an ever increasing range of APIs and features to enhance the user experience. Sakura is already building and delivering new ways for your people and systems to work better together.


Rethink employee engagement. Employee retention and engagement is a critical factor to a successful organisation and Sakura provides strategies and mechanisms for a holistic, integrated, and real-time approach to measuring and driving high levels of employee commitment and passion using Workplace.


New platforms present an opportunity for disruption and Sakura can assist you to effectively build a strategy of transformation to empower your teams to work collaboratively. We offer a mature array of integrated skills that will provide a compelling approach to redefining a modern workplace and deliver an increase in productivity and talent engagement that leverages the power of Workplace.

Support & Training

Our training and events team are able to assist with the planning, authoring, and delivery of Workplace learning materials to ensure your organisation can benefit from best practices, case studies, operational efficiencies, and the features of Workplace. Working beside your team and empowering your internal champions, we will ensure the successful roll out across your organisation.

Workplace is a dedicated and secure space for companies to connect, communicate and collaborate. Our Workplace team can provide the right advice for your industry to ensure you get the most out of the platform.


Workplace can simplify connecting to your students and teachers and provide new ways for them to interact. Sakura can connect your Learning Management System (LMS), student systems, or video platforms.


Governments are already adopting Workplace as their primary platform for whole of government initiatives and ongoing communications. With security and privacy at its core, Workplace is built on Facebook’s powerful systems that keep more than a billion people’s information secure.


From globally distributed teams through to local leaders, the Sakura team are working with enterprise communities across Asia, Australia, and North America. We can assist with onboarding and Identity Provider integration, through to ongoing support and maintenance.