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Announcing the coming together of Jiku and Sumato
13 April
Sakura Sky announces the merger of two products in our SaaS range. Today our Jiku Content Cloud and Sumato Insights
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Conversational Commerce with a travel focus
20 July

The Sakura team demonstrated our Conversational Commerce platform, code named Yūjin, on a VIP tour of Sentosa in Singapore. Working with

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Announcing our latest chat bot
9 May

Sakura Sky recently launched another intelligent chat bot agent with the following features: Voice recognition:  Text-to-Speech, Natural Language Processing for

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Video Analytics plugin
1 July

Sakura Sky are delighted to announce the launch of their video analytics plugin for Video On Demand (VOD) and Online

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Content digitisation and Apple News readiness
24 June

Through our partnership with Jiku, Sakura Sky are pleased to announce the launch of a new content digitisation and Apple News

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Sakura launches social media aggregation service
14 December

Sakura has proudly launched its new social media aggregation service called Socialite. Launching yesterday with a global name in the

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