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Supporting the crusade for good design
12 November

Sakura is a proud sponsor of Form Function & Class 6. “Good design is more valuable than ever. Without it, bad

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5 June

The Sakura team have been attending BroadcastAsia2015 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. With many great brands in attendance, Sakura have used

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Web Summit 2014
14 November

We did it, we got there. 17,203km and a lot of hard work later. (That’s 10,689 miles for our non-metric friends.)

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Attending Web Summit Dublin
30 October

Members of the Sakura team are off to attend the Web Summit Dublin. Described as “the best technology conference on

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Sakura Sky meets Matt Mullenweg
19 June

During the recent tour of Seoul, Jakarta, Singapore, Tokyo, Osaka, Manila, Melbourne, Sydney, Wellington, and Auckland by Matt Mullenweg, Kat

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WWDC 2014: We will be there
28 April

After attending WWDC13, the Sakura team are delighted to have been able to secure tickets to WWDC14. WWDC is a

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PHL AWS Users Group Meetup for April 2014
10 April

The Sakura Manila team attended the Amazon Web Services User Group for The Philippines on Tuesday night along with many

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Attending Amazon Web Services Summit 2014 Sydney
9 April

The first thing that struck me about the AWS Summit this year is how much bigger it was than 2013.

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RubyConf Philippines 2014
31 March

Sakura Sky staff have attended the first ever Ruby conference held in the Philippines. The event, sponsored by well known

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Attending PyCon Philippines 2014
23 February

s active members in the software development and Open Source community, the Sakura Sky team in Manila attended PyCon 2014

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