Get Back in the Game with Managed Sports Analytics

Get Back in the Game with Managed Sports Analytics

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At Sakura Sky, we harness our Data Engineering prowess and strategic partnerships to introduce cutting-edge managed analytics solutions, specially crafted for the professional sports industry.

Our collaboration with elite teams and leagues across North America and Australia is set to deepen as we navigate the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, heralding the much-anticipated return of our beloved sports to the field.

Andrew Stevens, CTO of Sakura Sky, shares: “Our advanced sports analytics framework is engineered to process millions of data points per second, offering adaptable solutions that respond in real-time to the dynamics of sports events and specific client needs. This capability enables our partners in the professional sports sector to leverage immediate insights for strategic decision-making and forecasting.”

Transform the way your sports organization handles data with our services that expedite the API and data onboarding process from weeks to just a few hours, guaranteeing a reliable and secure data stream for uninterrupted operational support.

We’ve successfully optimized the ingestion and analysis of diverse data sources, including:

  • Blast Motion: Utilizes sensor technology to deliver immediate feedback on athletic performance metrics like swing speed and efficiency.
  • Statcast: Employs radar and camera technology to provide comprehensive MLB statistics, such as pitch velocity and launch angles, enriching player performance analysis.
  • Synergy Sports: Offers a detailed sports analytics platform that enhances coaching strategies, player development, and scouting with video-based insights and advanced statistics.
  • Catapult Connect: Integrates wearable tech for real-time athlete performance monitoring, focusing on workload, biomechanics, and injury risk.
  • Stats Perform: Delivers AI-driven sports data and analytics to enhance team management, scouting, and fan engagement strategies.
  • … and more.

Explore how our Managed Sports Analytics services can revolutionize your approach to team management, scouting, player selection, and predictive analysis. We tailor our solutions to meet the unique demands of data analysts and IT decision-makers within the professional sports sector, ensuring your team remains ahead of the game.

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