Our work with Craveable Brands has been featured as a Google Cloud Platform case study

Our work with Craveable Brands has been featured as a Google Cloud Platform case study

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Sakura Sky delivered on time and within budget a Google Cloud Platform architecture that could meet our current and future needs.

Ken Russell, Group Head of Digital Marketing, Craveable Brands

Sakura are delighted to announce that our work with Craveable Brands has been featured as a case study on the Google Cloud Platform site.

Our Data Engineering specialists delivered a complete data solution comprising Cloud Pub/Sub, Compute Engine, and App Engine to deliver reliable task scheduling; Cloud Dataflow for automated and scalable data ingestion; Cloud Dataprep — an integrated service from Google and Sakura partner Trifacta — to perform extract, transform, and load analysis; BigQuery to provide a central data warehouse; Google Data Studio for data visualization and dashboards; Cloud Datalab to provide analyst collaboration and visualization around data; and Cloud Storage to act as a cost-effective, static-file repository to backup raw data.

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About Craveable Brands

Craveable Brands is the franchisor for more than 570 quick-service restaurants and outlets across three brands — Red Rooster, Oporto, and Chicken Treat. Combined, the restaurants and outlets employ 12,500 people and serve more than 150,000 customers every day.


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