Managed Apache Nifi

Managed Apache Nifi

Managed Apache Nifi

Managed services Products 21 Dec 2021 3 minutes 461 words

Sakura Sky has launched a new offering supporting Apache Nifi managed services and deployment solutions.

Our managed services include:

  • Managed security
  • Monitoring
  • Managed backups
  • Managed Operating System Patches and Updates
  • Hardening
  • Configuration
  • Tuning
  • Application Monitoring and Response
  • Application metrics.

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About Apache Nifi

An easy to use, powerful, and reliable system to process and distribute data.

What is Nifi

Put simply, NiFi was built to automate the flow of data between systems. While the term ‘dataflow’ is used in a variety of contexts, we use it here to mean the automated and managed flow of information between systems. This problem space has been around ever since enterprises had more than one system, where some of the systems created data and some of the systems consumed data. The problems and solution patterns that emerged have been discussed and articulated extensively. A comprehensive and readily consumed form is found in the Enterprise Integration Patterns.

Some of the high-level challenges of dataflow include:

  • Systems fail: Networks fail, disks fail, software crashes, people make mistakes.

  • Data access exceeds capacity to consume: Sometimes a given data source can outpace some part of the processing or delivery chain - it only takes one weak-link to have an issue.

  • Boundary conditions are mere suggestions: You will invariably get data that is too big, too small, too fast, too slow, corrupt, wrong, or in the wrong format.

  • What is noise one day becomes signal the next: Priorities of an organization change - rapidly. Enabling new flows and changing existing ones must be fast.

  • Systems evolve at different rates: The protocols and formats used by a given system can change anytime and often irrespective of the systems around them. Dataflow exists to connect what is essentially a massively distributed system of components that are loosely or not-at-all designed to work together.

  • Compliance and security: Laws, regulations, and policies change. Business to business agreements change. System to system and system to user interactions must be secure, trusted, accountable.

  • Continuous improvement occurs in production: It is often not possible to come even close to replicating production environments in the lab.

NiFi is built to help tackle these modern dataflow challenges.


Apache NiFi supports powerful and scalable directed graphs of data routing, transformation, and system mediation logic. Some of the high-level capabilities and objectives of Apache NiFi include:

  • Web-based user interface

    • Seamless experience between design, control, feedback, and monitoring
  • Highly configurable

    • Loss tolerant vs guaranteed delivery

    • Low latency vs high throughput

    • Dynamic prioritization

    • Flow can be modified at runtime

    • Back pressure

  • Data Provenance

    • Track dataflow from beginning to end
  • Designed for extension

    • Build your own processors and more

    • Enables rapid development and effective testing

  • Secure

    • SSL, SSH, HTTPS, encrypted content, etc…

    • Multi-tenant authorization and internal authorization/policy management