Best of Google Cloud Next '23: Key announcements and product launches

Best of Google Cloud Next '23: Key announcements and product launches

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Google Cloud Next 2023, which took place last week from August 28th - 31st, brought together cloud professionals, industry leaders, and enthusiasts for a memorable event in the heart of San Francisco. Sakura Sky was privileged to be part of this experience, which showcased a multitude of exciting announcements.

With a vast unveiling of the latest product and service announcements made at Google Cloud Next ‘23, there’s a lot to explore. We’ll be diving into the stand out moments for us over the course of the conference, so keep reading for some quick and insightful event highlights!

The Old Cloud is Dead. Long Live the New Cloud.

Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google cloud, began Next’s opening keynote with a bold statement: be ready to say goodbye to the old Cloud and take it to the next level. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been drastically changing how companies harness the power of data and automation, revolutionizing industries and driving innovation at an unprecedented pace. Google made it clear—AI is the key to unlocking the new cloud. This was prominently echoed throughout many of the coming announcements, cementing its AI’s role as the driving force behind the future of cloud technology.

Highlights from Google Cloud Next 2023

Duet AI Everywhere

If we had to choose one focal point from this year’s conference, it would definitely be Duet AI, Google’s newest generative AI-powered collaboration tool. Hailed as “the future of work” by Google, the tool is to be integrated and used within Google Cloud and Workspaces. So far, it’s been announced that Duet AI will be deployed—in preview—within BigQuery, Cloud Operations Suite, Google Workspace and countless other native services. Google’s goal is clear—Duet AI aims to easily interact with most Google services using natural language.

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BigQuery Enhancements

Since its release back in 2011, BigQuery has been one of the most popular Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services thanks to its high-speed data processing capabilities and cost-efficient modeling. In addition to its new integration with Duet AI, BigQuery has a new interface for data engineering and analytics called BigQuery Studio, running another newly announced service Colab Enterprise notebooks in the background. BigQuery data clean rooms are also now available in preview, helping organizations establish secure environments for privacy-focused data sharing and analysis without the hassle of moving or copying underlying data.

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GitLab Further Integrated with GCP

Here at Sakura Sky, we love GitLab and proudly utilize it as our main internal DevOps platform. Gitlab announced a new partnership with Google, further integrating the tool within GCP. This would consolidate multiple tools and provide a unified solution for source code management, planning, CI/CD, security, and compliance within the Google Cloud ecosystem. If you’re like us and can’t wait to try it out, join the waitlist!

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Cross-Cloud Network

In 2023, it is rare to find new and innovative networking services, but Google proved it possible with Cross-Cloud Network. Google recognizes that many customers utilize multiple cloud providers, and this solution serves as the ideal way to interlink them, particularly when combined with Cross-Cloud Interconnect.

Vertex AI new Models and Watermarking

For a few years already, Vertex AI has been GCP’s unified generative machine learning platform that simplifies and streamlines the end-to-end process of developing, deploying, and managing machine learning models. This includes rapid development, deployment, and management of machine learning models.

GCP has now opened the Vertex AI Model Garden to include third party models like Llama 2, Code Llama or Falcon LLM to offer a broader selection of pre-trained machine learning models. Imagen, Google’s image generation model now also excitingly supports digital watermarking in experimental preview.

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Want to know more? You can find the full announcement list in Google’s official blog post.

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