Sakura Sky Launches ETL Monitoring Dashboard Framework

Sakura Sky Launches ETL Monitoring Dashboard Framework

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Building on our Data Engineering expertise, today Sakura Sky announces that our ETL Monitoring Dashboard Framework has entered General Availability.

Many organizations struggle with visualizing data pipelines and their status. Our new Framework simplifies monitoring, reporting, and transparency for all business users.

Andrew Stevens, CTO, Sakura Sky

Why have we released this tool:

  1. Business Users often find it painful to monitor thousands of ETL jobs, from daily, hourly, or even near real time, our Framework provides a status update at a glance.
  2. A visual ETL Monitoring Framework removes the need to read and interpret logs and cryptic Slack messages and allows for any user to understand where their data pipelines are at.
  3. Many pipeline monitoring tools in the market today are binary in their reporting, but our Framework can intercept and highlight pipeline problems such as:
    • underlying data dictionary changes, such as when a vendor adds new fields to your data sources unexpectedly,
    • automated filtering of Slack and email alerts to target specific issues (we can all do without more message spam),
    • plus it can inform you of which workloads have failed and which were successful.

The features we announce today includes:

  • Automated and configurable notifications in Slack, email, SMS.
  • Full end to end pipeline execution status monitoring across Clouds, across data sources, during transit, and at rest.
  • Pipeline errors are captured and available to view on a per run basis.
  • Configurable pipeline status update intervals.

As a data engineer, it makes my life easier and peaceful to just open this dashboard at any given point in time and see the pipeline execution status in real time. It's especially helpful for engineers who switch multiple projects or work in parallel.

Data Engineer


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