What does Cloud Native, Shift-Left Data mean to us

What does Cloud Native, Shift-Left Data mean to us

News 19 Dec 2023 2 minutes 408 words

In the fast-paced world of technology, the way we manage data is constantly evolving.

At Sakura Sky, our innovative approach to data management, “Cloud Native, Shift-Left Data”, is not just a trend, but a fundamental shift in how we handle data in cloud environments, ensuring it is primed for the future - particularly for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Advanced Analytics.

What does Cloud Native, Shift-Left Data mean to us?

  1. Cloud Native: These are systems built to thrive in the dynamic, scalable, and interconnected world of cloud computing. They leverage the cloud’s flexibility to manage large data volumes, essential for AI and analytics.

  2. Shift Left: Traditionally, data security and governance were secondary considerations in the software development lifecycle. The shift-left approach changes this by embedding these aspects at the very beginning. This is crucial for data integrity and privacy - key pillars for reliable AI and analytics.

  3. Enabling AI and Advanced Analytics: By laying a solid foundation of secure, well-governed data, we enable more effective and accurate AI and analytics. This approach ensures high-quality data inputs, leading to more reliable insights and decision-making.

Why Adopt a Cloud Native, Shift-Left Approach?

  • Enhanced Security and Compliance: Early integration of data governance and security in the development process ensures compliance with regulations and reduces the risk of data breaches.

  • Optimized for AI and Analytics: Secure and well-governed data is a goldmine for AI and analytics, leading to smarter, data-driven decisions and innovations.

  • Scalability and Flexibility: Cloud Native applications can efficiently process and scale as per the requirements of AI and analytics workloads.

  • Risk Mitigation: A secure data foundation reduces the risk of biases in AI models and ensures adherence to regulatory standards.

Our Commitment to Innovation and Security

Sakura Sky is committed to providing solutions that are not just in line with current demands but are setting new standards in data management.

Our focus on Cloud Native, Shift-Left Data practices ensures that we are at the forefront of AI and analytics, and ensures that we offer solutions that are secure, compliant, and innovative.

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The integration of Cloud Native, Shift-Left Data practices is more than a strategic choice; it’s a commitment to future-proof data management. It ensures that our AI and analytics capabilities are built on a foundation of security and compliance, ready to tackle the challenges of the digital age.

Join us on this journey as we pave the way for a smarter, data-driven future.

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