API Program Success Through Good Governance & Enabling Adoption

API Program Success Through Good Governance & Enabling Adoption

Training 10 Jan 2021 2 minutes 229 words

This instructor lead course provides a set of guidelines, rules, tips, and a checklist for each step of the API management work-flow that are designed to help your organization achieve API program success through good governance and enabling adoption of your APIs.

These course aims to achieve the following:

  • Define consistent practices and patterns for your APIs. Learn how some of the biggest brands and governments roll-out their APIs.
  • Discover best practices in the industry at-large for API adoption and governance.
  • Learn how to enable your API developers to reuse, implement, document and test APIs consistently.
  • Learn how to enable your partners to release their own APIs into your ecosystem.
  • Discover to make consuming the APIs easy for all application developers.


  • Governance
    • Value Chain
    • Governance Life-cycle
    • Metrics & Drivers
  • API life-cycle
    • Work-flows
    • Build
    • Change Management
    • Versioning & Change Control
    • Backwards Compatibility
  • Service Providers
  • Consumers & Subscribers
  • Compliance
  • API Request Life-cycle
    • Use Cases
    • Requirement Design
    • Data Model
    • Endpoints
    • Interface Design
    • Change Requests
  • API Specification
    • OpenAPI
  • Managing Issue
  • Metrics
    • KPIs
  • Common Tools for API Management
    • Languages
    • Tools
    • Frameworks
    • Documentation
    • Debugging & Mocking
    • Design Guides
    • Publishing
    • Gateways
    • Security
    • Monitoring



9:30 am – 6:00pm


This course is offered via:

  • Sakura Singapore
  • Sakura San Francisco
  • remote
  • on site.


2 days

What is provided

If performed at a Sakura site:

  • Lunch
  • Internet.

What you need to bring

Your own laptop.