Celebrating 10 years of delivering AWS solutions

Sakura has been delivering Amazon Web Services solutions for 10 years.

Our CTO launched his first EC2 instance in December 2006, and Sakura has been “Cloud First” since 2011. Ten years later, Sakura has been delivering AWS solutions for organizations of all sizes and continues to grow based on customer demand.

In 2021, following the growth of our AWS team in 2020, we celebrate our long term commitment to Public Cloud.

About Sakura Sky

Sakura Sky provides cloud, data, and security services to the world’s leading brands.

With innovation at our core, Sakura serves enterprise clients and thousands of other businesses around the world. Our global team provides cloud strategy, implementation and integration support, machine learning and data science, Cybersecurity, and training services.

Sakura Sky is headquartered in San Francisco with a delivery footprint across Asia, North America, Europe, and Australia.

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