Attending Amazon Web Services Summit 2014 Sydney

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The first thing that struck me about the AWS Summit this year is how much bigger it was than 2013. Held at what felt like a much larger venue, the audience packed into the Hordern Pavilion for the Keynote and the Royal Hall of Industries for Breakout Sessions and the requisite vendor showcase filled with freebies.

Crowded in to hear Dr. Werner Vogels speak, I could not see a spare seat amongst the yellow lanyards bearing the names of an impressive array of Australian businesses. Vogels discussed everything from the growth of Redshift and newly released EC2 instances to the James Bond grade security of CloudHSM. Sakura Sky will be rolling out CloudHSM shortly for a series of key customers to ensure the integrity of their encryption keys and raising the awareness of this Amazon service is something I appreciate greatly.

From the keynote, which also included National Australia Bank’s overview of their Chaos Monkey implementation to ensure the resilience of their solution architecture, the day progressed through Lab sessions covering Hadoop, Continuous Integration, eCommerce risk, Hybrid Cloud and much more.

Finishing off the Summit with a networking opportunity over cocktails, the event was a fantastic opportunity to see the immense impact of the Cloud on the Australian IT landscape and to meet those users and implementers making Amazon Web Services a success across our region.