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Sakura Sky announces the merger of two products in our SaaS range.

Today our Jiku Content Cloud and Sumato Insights platforms will begin to merge into the one SaaS product with broader features, and a simpler offering for our new and existing users.

Sumato will be rolled into the Jiku Content Cloud SaaS platform and Jiku will absorb all features to empower our customer content with even more capabilities.

Jiku remains built on the power of Google Cloud Platform, enhanced by the expertise of Sakura Sky.

Strategic Rationale

  • A single SaaS platform with diverse capabilities: Jiku will offer all of the Sumato platform capabilities through the one API gateway. This will benefit existing Jiku customers that may adopt these additional features as part of their current implementation.
  • A simpler offering to market: Our Jiku Content customers are looking for the features of Sumato Insights and the integration of these SaaS platforms simplifies licensing, implementation, and integration.
  • A focus on innovation and scale: This product merger brings together the combined resources of each platform to address the challenges customers face with the adoption of Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Named Entity Recognition, and more. The enhanced Jiku offering enables the rapid adoption of cloud based features and enables better connected products.

For our existing customers

For existing Jiku and Sumato customers, you will be contacted by your account manager with further details.

For all other queries

Please contact us.

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