About Us

Our team provides cloud strategy, implementation and integration support, machine learning and data science, Cybersecurity, and training services.

Why Sakura

In today’s complex technology environment, superior capability in navigating technical architectures and engineering is more important than ever. Our customers need appropriately qualified and experienced individuals to augment existing teams and Sakura delivers a team that can enable success.

Sakura has been established to provide exceptional technology solutions for our growing customer base and is advantageously backed by our group of brands' success in Silicon Valley, Asia, Europe, and Australia.

We’re committed to leading the charge in creating the optimal technology solutions for our customers and providing them with the right platform, integrations, and know-how to unleash their potential.

Our Mission

To inspire and nurture the innovation spirit: one person, one line of code, and one client at a time.

Our Vision

To become the global provider of choice for cloud, data, and security services.

Our Values

The core values to our success:

  • Empathy: To us, people matter most.
  • Curiosity: We are united by a drive for knowledge and understanding.
  • Innovation: We see change as an opportunity not a threat.
  • Quality: Excellence is not an exception, it is our prevailing attitude.

Engage the Sakura Sky team

Sakura Sky provides cloud, data, and security services to the world’s leading brands and has a presence across North America, Europe, and Asia. Work with us to enable your cloud, data, or security project with our experts.