Kong Summit 2018 Highlights

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On September 18-19, 2018 Sakura attended the first-ever Kong Summit. Mixing with hundreds of attendees, the Sakura team participated in sessions by leading speakers on topics such as microservices and serverless, and the integration of Kong with other cloud-native projects including Kubernetes, Prometheus, and Terraform.

Product Announcements

The major product announcements at Kong Summit  included:

  • Kong 1.0 – This milestone marks the maturity of the Kong open source offering and a solidification of their API. They promise that changes in 1.X.x will be additive rather than modifying existing functionality.
  • Service Mesh – This deployment pattern is enabled in 1.0 by the addition of mutual Transport Layer Security (TLS) and modifications to the plugin run loop.
  • Kong Cloud – Kong Enterprise will soon be available as a hosted service for teams that want to focus on business value rather than operations.
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