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We deliver beautiful digital experiences, enable rich content, manage audio, and stream video. We architect solutions, build applications, and scale for global audiences in the Cloud. We predict trends, connect Big Data, and know Machine Learning.

We are Sakura Sky, your global cloud advisory and technology services company.

Make it happen.

Global Cloud Advisory & Technology Services

We architect, build, release, and manage workloads, systems and platforms in the Cloud. Our teams can define your Cloud strategy, perform suitability analysis, document the approach, and build your business case.

Sakura Sky’s Cloud Advisory will assist your effective adoption of Cloud and provides analysis, audit, implementation, and roadmap  services. Our architects can design your deployment, our SysOps can migrate and manage your workloads, while our DevOps team can optimise your CI/CD processes.

We aim to deliver actionable strategic advice and solutions based on the specific requirements of each business we work with. Our consultants prepare business cases, build core capabilities, advise Boards, and lead change.

Our consultants offer services in product management, architecture, data & statistics, algorithm development, implementation, analysis, and more.

From data collection and interpretation, through to recommendation engines, Natural Language Processing, automated tagging and discovery; our teams work with a range of platforms and technical stacks to ensure the right decisions are made.

Our data team can be found in Asia and North America and are available for your next project.

We are focused on creating an unforgettable experience across your digital portfolio. From inception & creative design through to commercialisation & implementation; our teams have worked on some of the largest digital products.

Sakura Sky offer skills in application development, system integration, business analysis, and other technical tasks. Our creative and user experience team offers UI/UX design, creative design, user research, and other user centric services.

Intelligent Product Platforms

Jiku Content Cloud is our content and asset platform that has been designed for performance, scale, and reliability. From metadata management, video, images, text, and commerce through to analytics and security, we have a solution for evolving content needs.

Jiku Content Cloud can manage structured and unstructured data, provide a central ingestion and syndication layer for your applications, and also provide editorial tools for ongoing management.

The Yujin Conversation Platform is our award winning, neural network backed SaaS tool that creates an unforgettable experience for users and establishes new ways for organisations to interact with their audience.

With Yujin, you can embed Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing into your systems and applications. Supporting vertical domain knowledge from mapping and points of interest, through to weather, transport, and general small talk, Yujin can engage with broad audiences, customers, staff, and suppliers.

Sumato Insights delivers an intelligent REST API to build customer profiles and content relationships. Sumato is an easy and complete way to learn about your audience, and to tag people, places, companies, facts, and events in your content.

You can integrate Sumato into web sites, mobile applications, kiosks, or wherever internet access is available. Sumato returns a JSON object containing information such as language, industries, topics, tags, user interests, user activities, recommendations, etc.

Our Data as a Service (DaaS) platform is packed with over 40,000+ data sets. Our data is sourced from points of origin, but also offer the ability to blend and mix your own data along with your partner data sets.

Offset  your costs associated with managing and housing  complex data sets in-house and pay a simple monthly subscription fee. Our data can also be integrated into third party systems such as Qlik, Tableau, and more.

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